World changing technology for a sustainable future

100 Watts


Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Technology


World changing technology...

                     ...for a sustainable future

This is a world changer

Industrial &      Institutional

It took over 40 years for the lighting industry to transition from 100Watt incandescent bulbs to 9Watt LED bulbs. We anticipate transitioning the global air conditioning industry from current 100KW systems to 8KW NEMCO LDAC systems in less than 10 years.

Conventional A/C - 100KW

NEMCO LDAC  technology uses 92% less electricity than conventional electric air conditioning systems during hot and humid weather.

Our technology alone will eliminate blackouts caused by air conditioning and shrink electric grids by 30%.

Our technology filters, purifies and sterilizes the air, removing pollutants and minimizing the transmission of airborne diseases and cross-infections.

Our installation costs for new construction are comparable to conventional systems so we will dominate and transform the $50Billion/year industry from electricity dependent to non-electric.

We received a patent April 2017 and are now seeking $3.5Million with a first tranche of $750,000 to secure the patents worldwide and to license our technology to manufacturers.

NEMCO LDAC is the ideal system for every building including hospitals, data centers, pharmaceutical as well as offices and residential buildings because it reduces operating costs between 50-90% while sterilizing up to 100% outside air reducing airborne cross-infections, and separating temperature and humidity controls.

We can provide the most comfortable and healthy indoor environment using clean, renewable energy sources.
We sterilize up to 100% outside air while reducing ownership cost by 90%.

 Medical & Commercial

By treating hot & humid 100% outside air using 65°F cooling, we can eliminate electric refrigeration

9 Watts