About Us

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a global organization with local chapters consisting of an experienced business person/facilitator and 8 business owners who act as our Board of Directors.


We are looking for investors with vision

who want to be financially well rewarded while helping to save our planet through investing in our world changing technology.

Beverly Milestone, CEO

Grahame E. Maisey, P.E., President, CTO

Prior to joining NEMCO, Beverly was President of Building Services Consultants, a company that worked with Grahame to lead clients to energy independence. She has authored many Energy Master Plans and also the Sustainable Building Logbook which is annexed to the ANSI approved Emergency Building Standard. Along with engineering management skills, Beverly also has many years of manufacturing management expertise.

NEMCO LDAC is a new technology company with world changing products for a sustainable future.

Our NEMCO LDAC patented technology is a HVAC unit that is a giant leap forward in building occupant comfort and health and in eliminating electric peak use and minimizing electrical and fossil fuel use.

It will shrink the US electric grid by 30% and eliminate blackouts caused by air conditioning.

Grahame is a world renowned expert on building mechanical systems. He has been developing the NEMCO technology for 20 years.

With over 40 years of expertise, he has a unique perspective of how buildings do and don't work. In 1992, he invented Energy Master Plans for energy independent buildings and communities, transitioning buildings from electricity users to electricity generators.

World changing technology for a sustainable future