My company, NEMCO LDAC, is merely a means to an end. My ultimate goal is to save the planet and I know I cannot do this alone. But I also understand that it has to start somewhere, many somewheres, really.

For me, I am starting with building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technology. Why? Because I know about these systems and my partner happens to be a world renowned expert in these systems.

We’ve worked for over 40 years designing, commissioning, troubleshooting and critiquing building HVAC systems for practically every type of building. We have a deep understanding of what building owners, facility managers and maintenance people are looking for in HVAC systems. More importantly, we understand building physics, architectural science and engineering principles. We have designed our technology on a firm foundation of these, including the Three Laws of Thermodynamics. Our technology is rooted in science and real world, hands on experience, unlike so many other technologies that have only known the lab.

I know our technology works, working with both science and nature, how could it not. I believe in our technology and I have staked everything, absolutely everything, on this belief.

NEMCO LDAC technology has the potential to change an industry that has stagnated for the past 100 years, since Willis Carrier first invented air conditioning. NEMCO LDAC technology is so disruptive and yet so necessary. It will cause a paradigm shift in how we look at air conditioning in buildings.

Smart grids will be a thing unheard of, and electricity use from buildings will drop so dramatically that power companies won’t know what to do with the excess. But for me, the best thing of all will be that greenhouse gas emissions from building energy system electricity use will drop dramatically. I am hoping that the reduction will be so great that it will cause global warming to slowly come to a halt and then, I hope, it will begin to slowly reverse itself.

Because, in all honesty, I am very fearful about the world we are leaving our children. When I see babies and small children, I am even more fearful because I can only imagine the chaos global warming will cause them from massive storms, ocean acidification, loss of coastlines, droughts and crop failures, mass extinctions of flora and fauna, huge numbers of refugees, diseases and poverty and who knows what else. Very apocalyptic and dystopian, I know, but also very real.

Honestly, I don’t want any of that and so I return to how I began this post: My goal is to save the planet. I am doing what I can to achieve this goal. You can help. Here’s how:

We are looking for people who want to invest not just for today or the next 3 years or the next 10 years but for the future, not just their future, but the future of our planet and of all the children. People who want to make a positive impact on both their bottom lines and the planet’s, people who are looking to create an amazing legacy. This is their opportunity to make a legacy investment. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at

If it takes a village to raise a child, it only takes a small group of dedicated, motivated people to save the planet.

World changing technology for a sustainable future

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Time Passes, Heat Disperses, or Why NEMCO LDAC
The Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy – time passes, heat disperses.

I have been fascinated with the concept of entropy since a course I had in college in the late ‘60’s. It’s an important concept for building energy systems, especially heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Building HVAC systems in the US account for close to 50% of the electricity used in buildings and are entirely responsible for blackouts and brownouts during hot and humid outdoor conditions. This means a huge amount of fossil fuels are burning to create the electricity to run these systems. We have burned so much fossil fuel that we are responsible for a new geologic era – the anthropogenic era – caused by mankind. A very dubious distinction indeed because we are making our air less and less healthy for breathing.

But I digress. Actually, I wanted to talk about my path to NEMCO LDAC. After working for many years designing and commissioning HVAC systems, and then performing energy conservation studies in hospitals and universities, my first son was born. Suddenly, it was not just a job. I realized that my son could witness the end of civilization as we know it so I started thinking about what I could do to prevent this.

In 1992, I was asked by a hospital to integrate my 3 year energy conservation plan into their new 30 year Facility Master Plan. For the first time, I had an outlook longer than 3 years. In my 30 year plan, almost all the systems and the generating plant would be replaced, along with rehabbing whole buildings; my plan reduced energy use by over 70%. I was very pleased; oddly, the client was expecting a much smaller improvement, up to a 40% reduction. I wanted to reduce energy use further, but I hit a wall, I could only find more small incremental savings.

So I went around the wall and on the other side, I had a revelation: There is only one end goal for energy use – zero. The building must create enough energy to repay the cost of constructing the building plus operating and maintaining and demolishing the building. Furthermore, zero external energy for all the transport used by all the people involved with the building. Zero energy for all the food consumed in the building. This means they often need to generate over 5 times the operating energy to be truly sustainable in most facilities. So we must minimize energy use, and particularly electrical energy use, and maximize energy generation.

Then we would have truly energy sustainable buildings!

All these plans were being developed as the industry itself seemed to be sliding backwards. People argued with me left and right but I had science on my side. I started creating the BSC EMP – Buildings for a Sustainable Climate Energy Master Plans with goals for three specific areas: Energy, Maintenance and Productivity. First we set very lofty end goals in these three areas – zero energy or energy independence; 100% easy, preventive maintenance; and optimum occupant productivity and health.

Two areas of building science have helped move them a great deal towards energy savings. The first, building envelopes, have improved with the global PassivHaus standard, airtight, highly insulated building envelopes. The second area is lighting which has made great leaps forward with solar tubes and LED’s, etc. HVAC systems, on the other hand, seem to have gone sideways. Many studies have shown, starting in the early ‘90’s that newer HVAC systems cost more to install, are far more complicated and provide far less comfort. Most systems today are so complex and have so many moving parts hidden all over buildings that they are impossible to balance and maintain. In fact, the US treasury estimates that the total amount of deferred, critical maintenance in government buildings alone in 2014 was over $111Billion!

So I focused on developing the optimum HVAC system.

A little bit about human beings: Our bodies are more sensitive to radiant temperature than we are to ambient, or air, temperature, which is what most HVAC systems control.

The ideal HVAC system would have the following:

Separate humidity and temperature controls
Utilize low grade heat from clean, renewable energy sources or waste sources
Easy preventive maintenance for maximum efficiency over an extended life
Clean air – eliminating bacteria and viruses, removing unwanted gasses and particulates
Cost effective for installation and best operation and maintenance.

It took 20 years, but I am pleased to announce that I have developed the ideal HVAC technology – NEMCO LDAC, non-electric, liquid desiccant HVAC systems.

We are production ready and looking for investors and manufacturers to partner with. Give me a call at 267-255-9944 or drop me an email at to begin a conversation.