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Co-Founder: Beverly Milestone, LEED AP - CEO
Co-Founder: Grahame E. Maisey, P.E. – President and CTO

Advisory Board: TAB

We have a unique combination of deep technical and on-site experience. Grahame is a Professional Engineer who was brought to the US by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 as a building energy expert to perform energy studies on 200 hospitals in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago. Beverly is a LEED AP, building energy sustainability expert with a manufacturing background.

In 1985 we started our own consultancy to be more aggressive in conservation. From 1985-88 we worked on City buildings to save each of them over 1$milliom in energy per year, something they have never achieved since. 1992 was a transformational year for us, we invented Energy Master Plans that transitioned facilities to energy independence, creating positive energy buildings, which is way ahead of everybody still. In 2006 we created the first citywide energy grid.

We’ve worked with some of the largest architectural and engineering firms. We’ve written white papers, articles and the ANSI approved standard, Emergency Zero Energy Standard for Buildings and the Sustainable Logbook (which we wrote in its entirety). We’ve been on ASHRAE technical committees and have lectured, been invited speakers, and taught workshops in Energy Master Planning.

TAB - The Alternative Board, is a worldwide organization serving as advisors and as a board for thousands of businesses.