NEMCO LDAC - The Most Efficient and Effective

NEMCO LDAC patented, liquid desiccant technology controls the humidity and temperature levels independently. It filters, purifies and sterilizes 100% outside air to provide the very best occupant health and comfort. All this is achieved using low-grade heat and reducing electricity use by 92% during hot and humid outdoor conditions, and eliminating electric air conditioning and their associated toxic chemical refrigerants.

NEMCO LDAC units can take hot and humid air and use 140°F heat to dry the air and 65°F cooling fluid to cool the air to produce 67°F dry air. This dry air has half the humidity that conventional units produce so we provide lower indoor humidity conditions during the summer. During the winter, we use 90°F heat to provide 88°F, humid air for ideal comfort conditions. Our units can use waste heat sources such as from combined heat and power (CHP) plants or clean, renewable thermal energy sources such as solar thermal for drying the air and removing humidity in the summer and warming the air in the winter, and ground heat exchange for cooling in the summer and pre-warming in the winter.


World changing technology for a sustainable future


Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems should provide a healthy and comfortable indoor thermal environment. This should be achieved most economically and trouble-free for the building owner.

Unfortunately, nearly all new and existing buildings are saddled with HVAC systems that have high installation and operating costs, short life cycles and require excessive maintenance while providing poor indoor conditions. These systems also use large amounts of electricity and fossil fuels and are solely responsible for the peak electric demand in the summer and the ensuing brownouts and blackouts. Electric air conditioning systems also use toxic chemical refrigerants that have received a UN ban. Poor indoor conditions provided by other HVAC systems are exacerbated by recirculating polluted air, which lead to health and comfort issues that lower occupant productivity.

To air condition a 10,000 sq.ft. building in New York, Miami, Hong Kong or London, a conventional electric refrigeration HVAC system uses 50KW during a hot and humid day and 15KW during a cool day. Our units require only 4KW of electricity throughout the summer, whether during a hot and humid day or a cool day.

This is how NEMCO LDAC will eliminate the summer electric grid peak loads.

NEMCO LDAC - The Most Economical

NEMCO LDAC units have a competitive installation cost and are easy and simple to maintain over an extended life cycle. The ability to condition 100% fresh air using no more electricity will eliminate the high operating costs in manufacturing and institutional facilities while providing the 100% fresh air requirement. Our systems can have an operating cost 50-90% less than conventional systems and a life cycle operating cost less than 30% of a conventional system.

These operating cost benefits do not include the huge income benefits from the healthy, comfortable and satisfied building occupants that our systems create. These benefits create a 5% to 15% increase in productivity in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings that can be worth 3 to 5 times the operational cost savings.